Message From Our Principal

Mr. Calos Diaz, Principal

As the newly assigned principal of Southwest Miami High School, I am very enthusiastic to become acquainted with our students as well as our entire school community.  Southwest Eagles are clearly a special breed and I am proud to be part of such a special organization.

I, along with the faculty and staff, am committed to excellence in education ensuring that our students are afforded a quality program that will facilitate success in future endeavors.  Southwest has been rated an “A” school by the State based on a variety of accountability factors used to measure the school’s success in providing students a well-rounded education.  Hence, our Eagles earned tens of thousands in scholarships to universities and colleges throughout the state and beyond.  Moreover, Southwest Miami High School is considered among the top five percent best schools in the nation based on articles published in Newsweek Magazine.  These, and the many other accolades Southwest has received in the past, are the product of a unified community of learners, teachers and parents sharing the same vision.

During the 2011-2012 school year, I invite parents and community members to join the Southwest Team in the pursuit of a common mission. 


Carlos A. Diaz, Principal

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